Everyday Luxury had to begin somewhere

The story

One Vintage is a distinctive luxury brand founded by Simone Myson in 2010. This avant-garde label ingeniously revitalizes antique textiles and relics, seamlessly weaving them into contemporary and modern masterpieces. 

The Simone Myson brand sets forth its vision as contemporary and independent of established canons within the wedding fashion realm, boldly ready to develop its own rules and trends. Fueled by a commitment to innovation, a desire to create the extraordinary, and unwavering faith in Ukrainian business, the Simone Myson team propels itself forward, striving to make its name known worldwide. The brand combines classic elements and individuality seamlessly through unique designs and meticulous attention to detail. Looking ahead, Simone Myson plans to experiment with styles and fabrics, explore new and intriguing ideas, and continue satisfying its clientele with a diverse and unique array of creations. The brand is poised to set its traditions in the ever-evolving landscape of wedding fashion.

The begining

The concept was elegantly straightforward: to present exquisite clothing within inspirational environments, accompanied by unparalleled service.


Innove Couture marked its inception with the opening of its inaugural boutique at Centrall Centre, a distinguished shopping mall located in New York.


Opening our doors to more and more clients, we go national with Innove Couture boutiques across New York. 


Innove Couture around the world — we launch international shipping, opening to markets outside of the United States of America. 

Several decades late

Boasting a network of stores spanning North America and a robust global eCommerce platform, Innove remains dedicated to bringing everyday luxury to communities near and far.